Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weekend

Tuesday and Friday nights, we had a friend staying with us as he house hunted in the area. He took us out to dinner Friday night to celebrate him finding a house perfect for his family and Chuk getting into grad school. After dinner we came back to our place and I made strawberry shortcake for us all.

Don't let the fact that nobody ever makes strawberry shortcake trick you into believing it's hard because it's not. You know I'd never do anything difficult, right? Just make batch of biscuits and add a little sugar to the batter before baking. I don't even cut them out; drop biscuits are fine. While the shortcake is baking, cut up your strawberries, sprinkle them with sugar and stick them back in the fridge. The whip your cream. Again, not a lot of work if you use a mixer. By now, your shortcakes should have finished baking. Layer the cooled shortcake with the macerated strawberries and whipped cream. Let everyone ooh and ahh over your labors; don't tell them it only took you 20 minutes.

Saturday, we went to Rebecca's game night. The food was delicious and the games were so fun. We brought roasted asparagus and a Caesar salad. There was so much food I can't even begin to tell you what all there was. Then we played Taboo and Smart Ass, which were both big hits. (Some tips about Smart Ass: The box lies. This game is lame as a two player game. For a crowd, it is way more fun to play without the board.) Rebecca also invented another cocktail. It tasted like red hots. Yum! I'll share it soon. Sunday, we walked around the Tidal Basin to look at the cherry blossoms then went out to a pre-anniversary seafood dinner. (Lobster, shrimp, scallops, crab cakes, oh my!)

When did I get crows' feet?!?!

Don't let the pictures fool you; Chuk and I have been in a fight since Thursday night. He made me so mad, but we already had plans for the weekend, so we still hung out even though I'm giving him the cold shoulder. Our anniversary tomorrow should be interesting. Let's all hope he comes to his senses, begs my forgiveness, and then gives me the best present in the world. (Because, you know, that happens so often.) Oh marriage! It's not fun every second of every day, but don't get me wrong, it's still worth it.


  1. You're weekend sounds delicious! Except for the fighting. I can't believe that the strawberry shortcake didn't have him humbly apologizing!

  2. Ew, fighting is so not fun. Sometimes you just have to stand your ground and hope he comes around! Which I hope he does! :)


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