Friday, March 4, 2011

Rad Parties

This first party is one I'm actually invited to. My friend, Rebecca, sent a mass email to a bunch of people that read:


I am hosting a Game night with Mediterranean meze dinner on
Saturday, March 26 at 6:30pm.

I am going to make a least one meze from
every continent that touches the Mediterranean Ocean some here’s my menu:

Greece: Fried Chickpeas
France: Lemon Tart
France: Goat Cheese Tart
Spain: Ham & Mushroom Croquette
North Africa: Almond filo Snake Cake
North Africa: Lamb Kefta
Middle East: Lamb filo Fingers

I am asking you to bring various well known Mediterranean dips, croquettes,
breads, veggies, cheeses, and fruits.

Please bring the games you’d like to play as I have none.

My addy:

My phone:


(I took out her address and phone number.) Rebecca lives in a small apartment with two roommates. Her bedroom doesn't even have a door, for goodness sake. Her kitchen literally has two square feet of counter space. Yet, she finds a way to entertain because strengthening friendships is important. This isn't the first time she's done it either.

Here's how she's making work for her:
1) She came up with a menu that she can manage because many of the dishes can be made ahead. (I couldn't manage it, but we all have different talents.)
2) She's asking her guests for help. She doesn't have a partner to help her, so she's asking her guests to contribute food and games. Personally, I think it's awesome (not to mention brave) to have a game night when she doesn't even own any games.


This next party I was not invited to (presumably because I don't know them, but that is neither here nor there) but I wish I was. Sara and Matt were preparing to have their first child so throwing a party at home was a little too overwhelming for them. Instead, they decided to invite all their friends to Ikea for a scavenger hunt.

I can't even express how much I love this idea. It's cheap; they don't have to clean up before or after the party; it's fun; it's original. AND, it took place at my second favorite store. I'm trying to convince Chuk that we should steal this idea for his birthday in June. You have to click over there to see their scavenger hunt tasks and the AWESOME clue sheets they made for them.

I'm sharing these party ideas with you to demonstrate how other people have overcome common challenges to hospitality and still manage to create a fun time for their friends. I hope that these ideas inspire you to let go of your excuses and to throw rad parties of your own.

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  1. That is so true - regardless of situation or circumstance, having friends get together is so important. I haven't hosted a movie night in a while but I really should do that again. We have so much fun when I do.

    And that Ikea scavenger hunt sounds like a blast! I wish I had a big store like that closer to me.


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