Friday, March 11, 2011

Roasted Chicken

Chuk had been asking for roasted chicken for a week. For whatever reason, I didn't get around to it until last night, the day before we are leaving for vacation. Smart, I know. (After dinner I just stuck it in a gallon Ziploc bag in the freezer. I'll deal with it when we get back.)

The secret to moist roast chicken is to cook it hot, like 400 degrees. Don't baste it; keep the oven closed as much as possible. Also, put pats of butter under the skin of the breast.

Another tip, for those with small kitchens, I don't have a roasting rack. I use vegetables to elevate the chicken from the pan. It works great and makes the drippings richer. If you use a small pan, like I did above, you may have to drain the drippings once during the cooking process to keep from boiling the chicken in it's own juices. (The key is once. See above about not opening the oven a lot.) Use the drippings as a base for stuffing, gravy, or stock.

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  1. Wow, that looks really good! What are you going to use it for?


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