Thursday, May 19, 2011

Social Savings II

I didn't plan on making this a multi-part series, but after I wrote the last post, I thought of more ways friends and neighbors can save you money or you can save your friends and neighbors money.

1. Rides to the airport. In fact, while you're reading this, I'm on a plane now and I'm so thankful our friend offered to give us a ride to the airport. We had an early flight so we were not able to take public transportation. A ride from our friend saved us cab fare.

2. Sharing perks. A former co-worker at a temp assignment I had last fall had an Amazon Prime membership. He ordered things for me from his account and had them shipped to my address and I would just pay him for it in cash. Free two day shipping was a major score for me.

3. Streaming movies. I have never done this, but I know people who do. One person with a Netflix account will give their code to someone else to allow them to steam movies over the internet. I think it gets into murky ethical waters, but the idea of sharing services is one that can be applied to other areas.

4. Trading services. When I was growing up, my parents participated in a babysitting co-op, in which they swapped evening babysitting services with one another so they rarely had to pay for childcare. Since I've learned to cut Chuk's hair, I've offered to cut his friends' hair and my father-in-law's hair.


  1. If someone you know has Amazon Prime, they can "share" free 2-day shipping with (I think) up to 3 people. I gave a code to my sister who can now get all her stuff for free without me having to order it, but I also know people who go in on it together to reduce the cost. Just fyi - we're Amazon CRAZY over here :)

    Also, I have some friends who are urban farmers - we get cheap organic eggs and produce from them, and they "trade" stuff with our other entrepreneur-y friends. (Dozen eggs for a loaf of homemade bread, etc.)

  2. Taking others to the airport can save everyone money and you get to spend time with friends! I always ask someone to drop me off and offer the same. The other one about "sharing perks" I'm not so sure of, though. You're right about the ethical murkiness of it.


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