Thursday, September 6, 2012

Appreciating Small (but Good!) Blogs

Lately, I've been thinking about how some blogs are really popular, but they just aren't very good, while other blogs are really fantastic but hardly anyone reads them. While mulling over the injustice of this situation, I thought, "Someone should do something about this. The world is missing out; more people need to be exposed to these really great small blogs." From there, it was only a small leap that I be the one to try to do something about this.

Now, I have a small blog myself, and therefore my reach is limited, but what I do have is a really well curated list of FANTATIC blogs that I read on a regular basis. Maybe you're in the same situation? My idea is that we all band together to recognize our favorite small blogs.

I don't want this to be some cheesy meme, where you tag someone and then they're obligated to take some action and it's awkward for everyone. Rather, I want this to be an easy way to recognize bloggers who are doing a great job, but maybe aren't getting a lot of recognition. I want it to be a way for readers to show their appreciation for blogs they really like. Hopefully, it will be a way for all of us to find some great new blogs we may not have otherwise found and for some good blogs to get some more exposure and be encouraged.

If you'd like to participate, all you'll have to do is write a short post about your three or four favorite small blogs with a couple of sentences describing what you like about each of them and next Friday, September 14, I will put up a linky that you can join to recognize your favorite small blogs. For the purposes of this link party, let's consider a blog with fewer than 150 followers small. If you're not sure how many followers a blog has, use your best judgement; the number of comments they typically get should be a good indicator.

Any questions? Please ask them in the comments so hopefully we can get everything figured out before the big day.

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