Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Monday

The checkout line was hundreds of people long and everyone was super agro.
  • While I was at Costco on Saturday, the power went out in the store. It was so weird and a little bit scary. (There wasn't even a storm!) Things I now know: even though Costco sells generators, they don't actually have backup generators. There were some battery operated lights at the front of the warehouse, but it was pitch black everywhere else. Thankfully a large proportion of Costco shoppers have that flashlight app on their phones and I was able to make my way to the front of the store by the ambient light of the other shoppers. And if you think normal Costco checkout is bad, imagine doing it in the dark with someone on a bullhorn is telling you to check out fast because the battery power operating the cash registers is going to go out soon. Madhouse.
  • My baby spends all his free time practicing rolling now and I hate it. I told Chuk we should google how to stop your baby from rolling. He told me parents aren't supposed to stifle their kids' development. I wasn't thinking about it in that way. I was just thinking how annoying it's going to be to have to baby-proof.
  • Blogger just indicated google was a misspelled word. Aren't they the same company? That's weird.
I left him for two minutes and he got tangled in a quilt.
  • Anyway, the rolling thing now means I have to constantly supervise the baby because he gets stuck places and gets tangled in the blankets I put on the floor for him to play on. Then he makes grunting noises that mean, "I'm trapped. I'm trapped! Rescue me!" And when I do, he gives me huge smiles and I feel like a hero, which sort of makes up for the whole not being able to go to the bathroom thing.
  • We went to the farmers' market this weekend. Bloggers and Food Network chefs that recommend shopping at farmers' markets to save money clearly don't live in the DC metro area. $3.25 for a pound of apples?! No thanks.
  • I'm really glad it's officially fall. I can't wait for cooler temperatures, less humidity, colorful leaves, and pumpkins everywhere. I grew up in the self-proclaimed pumpkin capital of the world, so I have a bit of a pumpkin obsession. Also, Halloween is my second favorite holiday.
  • Easter is my most favorite holiday.
  • Chuk made bagels from scratch this weekend. I now plan on forcing him to make bagels every weekend. 
  • I'm linking up over at Not Inadequate, where Deb has just turned Random Mondays into a link party. 


  1. Thanks for linking, Meghan!

    I have a way to baby-proof your house in one easy step: Remove all your possessions and put them into storage.

    ta-da! You're Welcome.

    Oh, and get those little annoying plug protector things that you have to wrestle with so vacuuming sucks even more.

    I guess that makes two steps.

  2. I love that he is continuously rolling! So cute!

  3. Your post makes me want to download the flashlight app. Yikes!

    Baby proofing! I like Deb's idea!

  4. Hi Meghan, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  5. Oh my goodness...the power outage is truly random, I bet that was pretty scary.
    The rolling though, don't know how to help you with that. We're in a townhouse and I have this secret hope that our lease will be up before our little guy become mobile. That way I won't have to worry about the stairs.
    One can always hope.

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