Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Was Pretty Great

My in-laws came for a visit Saturday and Sunday. Happily, my niece was much less scared of baby now than she was when she first met him.

Baby couldn't take his eyes off of Sophia and she loved that she could make him smile and laugh more easily than anyone else. I have big hopes that these two will be great friends one day.

There was lots of hanging out at home as well as a (hot, sweaty) trip to the park, the ice cream parlor, and Ikea.

Spirit of St. Louis  
On Monday, we were able to meet up with an old family friend of mine who was in town for a wedding. We've known each other, literally, all our lives. Our families met when his father covered for my father when he took off work for my birth. Our moms are best friends and my mom even helped deliver his sister's first baby. Growing up, we spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas together. It is the type of friendship that has basically developed into family.

We haven't seen each other as much in recent years now that I live on the East Coast and he has joined the Coast Guard, so we don't go home as often for holidays.

He had never been to Washington before, so we met up with him and his girlfriend at the Smithsonian's Air & Space museum and then walked around the Capitol a bit. It was great getting to catch up and to get to know his girlfriend a little better.

Gratuitous bath picture, just because I think it's cute.
By Monday night, we were pooped. Tired, but grateful that we have such great people in our lives and live in such a great place with so many fun things to do.

Through it all, this guy was such a little trooper. Even over-stimulated and under-rested, we can just tote him around anywhere and he just goes with the flow. I know I'm fortunate that he got his dad's laid-back personality.

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  1. Your little boy is adorable! Those rosy cheeks are so cute. And that golf hat? Love it!


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