Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making a Hair Cutting Cape

I have three loads of laundry sitting in my living room waiting to be put away and I can't remember the last time my floors were vacuumed, but I made the executive decision to continue to ignore these problems and instead make a smock/cape thing-y for our at home hair cuts, priorities be damned.

When we first began at-home haircuts, we tried using a towel to drape around the neck and shoulders of the person receiving the haircut, but after washing we learned that this left tiny hairs in all the other clothes and towels and made them very itchy, so we stopped doing that right away. Then, being the classy people we are, we cut a plastic garbage bag open and used that to drape around us when we were getting our hair cut. It kept the hair off our clothes, but was very hot. Nevertheless, we've used he garbage bag method until now.

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to Ikea, where I spied laminated cotton fabric on sale for $1.99 a yard. I bought a yard and let it sit, folded on my coffee table until this very week when I needed something to do that was easy, yet satisfying while I continued to ignore the messes.
To make the hair cutting cape, I cut a line about 5.5 inches long down the center fold of the fabric. Then, keeping the fabric folded, I cut a semi-circle 7.25 inches in diameter at the bottom of the slit. A small bowl would make an excellent template for the semi circle. Unfold and slip the circle around your neck. Boom, you're ready for a haircut.
I've been thinking about sewing some strips of velcro to either side of the slit, so that it attaches more like a professional cape, but I'll probably just leave it as-is. When testing it out, the fabric was heavy enough to stay where it was draped, so the velcro is kind of unnecessary. Plus, I really like that this is a no-sew project. (The laminated cotton doesn't fray, so no hemming is needed.) If we have problems with the cape not staying in place in the future, I could always add velcro then, or just use a binder clip to hold the ends in place behind the neck.

For $1.99 and two minutes work, this was an extremely satisfying project. I feel like I got something done, without having to actually do anything. Maybe I'll tackle the laundry and vacuuming tomorrow.


  1. What a great idea! I cut plenty of hair around here. It always gets all over the place and my husband is annoyed that whatever he is wearing is covered in tiny hairs by the end of it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I bought a hair cutting cape on ebay, proud because it was so cheap BUT when it arrived, I realized it was just trash bag plastic! My son doesn't complain because he has nothing to compare it to. I rinse it off and hang it on the outside line when we're done. I like your idea much better.

  3. Sorry i don't understand what you are doing. Are you folding the fabic in half or long ways in half please help. sorry so dumb thanks.

    1. I folded the longer side in half, or short sides together.


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