Saturday, September 8, 2012

Date Night: Sick Edition

Chuk and I decided we'd have a "date night" on Friday. Date night is in quotes because we stayed home and watched TV, thus it was very similar to what we do almost every night. However, we upped our game by renting a movie, buying a ton of candy and soda, and making popcorn. Never underestimate the power of popcorn.

We waited until the baby was asleep* to pop the DVD in and then gorged ourselves on junk food. It was nice to cuddle in the dark watching a movie. It felt like old times.

Even though we didn't go anywhere, it was just as well since Chuk has a head cold and can't go anywhere anyway. Besides, I'm guessing our date cost around $6, whereas if we had gone out to the movies and had snacks, it probably would have cost in the neighborhood of $40. I'm not 100% sure since I haven't been to the movies since February.

I do want to go to the movies though. I'd really like to see Celeste and Jesse Forever and Sleepwalk with Me. I can just go by myself though. Chuk isn't crazy about going to the movies, so he can stay with the baby. Win win. Have you seen any good movies lately?

*Wouldn't you know it? That little sneaky Pete baby woke up two minutes into the movie and wanted to eat. Alas, this is our life right now. I gave Pete a quicky feeding and we got right back to The Dictator. No harm, no foul, no babysitter.

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  1. Sometimes if you take something you usually do and twist it a bit, like adding popcorn or junk food, it makes it even more special! :) Even with someone who crashed the party. ;)


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