Thursday, September 13, 2012

Embroidered Baby Bicycle Onesie

Front side
I embroidered another little baby onesie. Chuk would dress this child in bicycle themed clothes every day if he could. (He can't because they're so expensive! Hipster much?) He's just itching to get this kid on a bike. I keep telling him he better back off or baby is going to wind up hating cycling, but he won't listen. So I'm feeding his addiction with a little top for the baby reminiscent of the pillow cases I made Chuk for Christmas a few years ago.  

I'm still finding the rib knit difficult to work with. This time I tried it without using interfacing, but I definitely had some warping issues. As I went along, I realized longer stitches helps prevent some of the warping issues, so that's good to know. 
Back side
I also decided not to back the embroidery with scrap fabric. It was a lot faster this way and I just wanted to get it done quickly. I'm worried the embroidery won't hold up well to frequent washings and might be itchy on his skin, but the back side of the stitching is pretty clean and at the rate this baby is growing, he'll probably only be able to wear it for a couple of months, so maybe it doesn't need to hold up for the long term.

These are such satisfying little projects. They're quick and practical and cost next to nothing.

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  1. that is adorable! We love bikes at our house and kids can get on them faster than you think :) Both my kids are off training wheels now and it's so fun.

  2. That is the cutest! I am with Margo, we love bikes over here too and I bet my little guys would love a shirt like this...maybe I'll pull out my embroidery thread tomorrow :)

  3. where did you get the bicycle pattern?

  4. I created the pattern myself based on the road signs for bicycles.


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