Friday, November 13, 2009

Are You Freaking Kidding Me: 80s Edition

A public service announcement to all the teenage girls out there:

Sweetheart, I’ve been in your shoes before. You want to be trendy and cool so you’ve latched onto the 80s fashion bandwagon that is sweeping the nation. But I’m here to tell you, “COME TO YOUR SENSES.”

You know you look ridiculous because you saw the pictures of women in my generation wearing those clothes the first time around. At what point did you stop laughing and think, “Well, maybe I should try a look like that?” Why are you repeating our mistakes?

Trust me when I say you need to bail on the 80s trend. You are going to look back on pictures of yourself from this time period and regret it. I know; I’ve been there before.


  1. So so true. I remember as a kid- my grandmother had those cylinder lampshades and hideous lamps at her house- and I swore to myself that I would never ever have those lampshades- but now they are everywhere again-and they are starting to look cuter and cuter. But I will NOT have them in my house- on principle to the pact I made with my 13 yr old self. = )

    Or the skinny jeans- My sister went to Spain last year- and I went to visit her- and skinny jeans were everywhere. I vetoed those too- but they are coming slowly but surely to invade! (Not that the huge pants I wore in 6th grade were very good either.)

  2. I've already started working on a separate post about skinny jeans. I've got A LOT to say about those.


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