Thursday, November 5, 2009

Retail Therapy and Comfort Food

I was having a bad day on Tuesday. My mom, who had been staying with us for a week, left that day on a sour note. Her visit had oscillated between fun and difficult, but was consistently exausting. I was worn out and grumpy.

I coped with a little retail therapy. I’m not usually a shopper, but sometimes all you need is Target. I bought the softest, cuddliest flannel sheets on sale for $15. Usually, I only ever buy white sheets (easy to match, easy to clean) but these were the yummiest shade of dusty teal and they matched my gray curtains. I think they’re meant to be wintery, but I think they’ll work into spring and summer too. I also bought a kitchen timer for $3. I’ve been wanting one for a long time to help me time chores and the laundry, but held off. I’m sorry I did. Three dollars is a small price to pay for improved productivity.

My purchases helped me feel a little better, but I still needed some more TLC. As usual, I turned to comfort food and made an apple crisp and avocado ice cream. For those of you would disagree that something as weird as avocado ice cream isn’t comfort food, I would counter by saying that 1. Ice cream is always comfort food, and 2. My Philippines-born grandmother introduced me to avocado ice cream at an early age and anything you grow up eating is a comfort food.

I’m feeling happier now, which is good because we’re driving to Florida tonight. Sigh. I hate road trips and have been making lots of them lately. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it through this last one…well, the last one until Thanksgiving. Argh, I can’t think about that now. I’m off to pack.


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry about your mother. Fights with parents- especially my mother are super hard. Way harder than a normal fight. I guess I really want to please her still. Even though I know I am an adult. sigh.

    I love your sheets- but I am not so sure about the ice cream. you enjoy though.

  2. Hey Meghan - there's a message for you at my blog!


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