Monday, September 28, 2009

Cost Breakdown of Flying and Driving

Remember that engagement party we threw? The couple is getting married in Naples, Florida the first weekend in November. It’s 1,068 miles from our front door to theirs. I hate road trips and my husband’s vacation time is very limited. Jet Blue is offering a one day sale today for approximately $70 each way. A sensible couple would fly.

But a key point to living within my means is knowing that Just because something is a good deal, doesn’t mean I can afford it.

With taxes and fees, the airfare would cost us $338.40, all in. Plus we would have to rent a car, which I estimate would cost us $145.05. We’d also have to put gas in the car, and pay for transportation to and from the airport in Washington.

Driving to and from Florida in my 2004 Honda Civic would cost no more than $200 in gas, and likely somewhat less. (I regularly get 38 miles/gallon on the highway and have sometimes even gotten more than that.) We’ll probably have to eat six meals total during the roadtrip, which is an added expense though. We’d drive straight through so we wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel.

Driving will cost us $225-$250, plus wear and tear on my car. Flying will cost us $500-$550. Flying may be better for my sanity, but driving is better for my budget. We'll see you on the road.

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