Monday, September 28, 2009

Six Months of Marriage

Happy sixth monthiversary to me (and Chuk)! We’re going out to dinner to celebrate. We don’t eat out very often, so we’re looking forward to trying out the new Italian place near our house.

Since it’s not a real anniversary, we’re not exchanging gifts, but I wrote him a haiku.

My dearest husband,
I love you with my whole heart.
Be mine forever.

I also wrote him a funny haiku (to be delivered with a wink and a cheeky look.)

You are so handsome.
I want to hug and kiss you.
Come on over here.

The funniest piece of marriage advice I have received was given by a friend of my grandmother’s. She told me, “Don’t worry, Dear. The first seven years are the hardest.” I laughed out loud.

However, her wisdom has already come in handy. Whenever I get annoyed with Chuk, I think to myself, “Only six and a half more years.”

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