Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Hour at Home: Dad's Drink

Today would have been my dad's 62 birthday. I still miss him all the time. My brother and sister are visiting his ashes today, at a beach in California, and I wish I could be there too. Instead, I'm across the country and I'm going to drink my dad's drink and toast him.

Jack and Coke

2 oz. Jack Daniel's whiskey
12 oz. Coke

Pour all ingredients over lots of ice and serve.

Normally, I would tell you what kind of glass to serve it in, but let's be honest, you're serving it to a dude and he doesn't care. He won't notice or think twice about it because he will be too busy feeling manly. Seriously, you could serve it in a coffee cup and he wouldn't blink. This cocktail makes him feel that manly.

Full disclosure, I think this drink tastes like crap, but all men I've ever come across like this drink, or at least pretend they do, so you should know how to make it just in case you ever want to make a guy happy or make him think you're smart. Other things you should know to make guys happy and think you're smart is one obscure sports fact (my husband fell in love with me the first time we met after I explained to a bunch of guys what a backwards K meant in baseball scoring), one thing under the hood of a car (engine doesn't count), and how to change a tire. It also helps if you know how to make his favorite food better than his mom makes it.

But I digress. Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.

P.S. My dad taught me how to make this drink, how to throw a baseball, what all the things were under the hood of a car, how to change a tire, and he was a great cook. So, I got all this advice from the best. Dad, you are the best.


  1. This is a beautiful post and tribute to your beloved dad. Thank you for sharing him with us. And I am a GIRL who LOVES the taste of jack and coke. ;)

  2. Thank you. And it's good to meet a girl who likes Jack and Coke. It's like seeing a rainbow--I know they exist, but I don't come across them very often.

  3. ha, I like Jack and coke too! And this is a very sweet post. I like your tips for keeping a man happy. I'm afraid I make my man laugh when I try to talk knowledgeably about the car. But I am a much better cook than his mother. . .


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