Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kitchen Sink Organization

Because I live in a small-ish apartment, I want to keep my space as clutter-free as possible. While this is sometimes difficult (I’m not a natural-born minimalist) one of the ways I am able to keep clutter at bay is to keep my surfaces as clear as possible.

In my tiny (less than 9' x 9'), windowless kitchen, I use a small shower caddy above the sink to hold all my cleaning tools. I bought the shower caddy at Target for no more than $6.00 or $7.00. It had suction cups on the back, but those were easy enough to pop out. We hung it on the wall using large picture hanging hooks where the suction cups used to be. I think using just nails, driven in at an angle (don’t worry about studs), would be better because occasionally my husband and mother-in-law grab the rag too quickly and knock the caddy off the hooks, which I don’t think would be a problem with nails. For some reason my husband really wanted to use the picture hooks. You have to pick your battles and this was not something that was very important to me. It doesn’t fall off that often.

I use the soap dish part of the shower caddy to hold my sponge which allows it to dry out between uses, reducing bacteria. I hang a rag over two hooks that I’m guessing were meant to hold bath puffs, which allows it to dry quickly too. (If you don’t use both a rag and sponge, you could hang rubber gloves over the hooks.) In the part where you would normally put shampoo and conditioner, I keep a vegetable scrubber, a chore boy, an old toothbrush for cleaning nooks and crannies, the sink stopper, and a yellow squid which I don’t use very often but makes me smile every time I see it. It’s a scrubber with dish soap inside it.

Even though it’s just a small thing, repurposing a shower caddy in this way has kept my sink looking so much tidier. Keeping things clutter-free works for me.


  1. love the shower caddy idea, i would be it works really well to not have clutter!!

  2. This is a very creative and great idea! So glad you shared. Thank you.

  3. Hey, if a yellow squid makes you happy, it's important to make space for a yellow squid. I like it!

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  5. That's a great idea! Thanks for linking to it for me!


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