Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home Alone

Chuk is headed out of town this morning to visit with some of his extended family. I’m staying home because I wasn’t up to another road trip right after getting back from the last one, and I’m still not feeling very social as I’m still in mourning. He won’t be back until tomorrow night so I have two whole days alone.

I’m a pretty independent person so it doesn’t bother me. Besides, I have some things planned to keep me busy. I bought a new chair at Ikea yesterday that needs to be assembled. Last week, I found a desk chair on the street that I want to try my hand at refurbishing. (That’ll be an experiment since I’ve never done anything like it before.) I’m planning an engagement party for some close friends and need to buy invitations, as well as work on some decorations. Lest you think I’m obsessively productive, I’ll admit that I also have a bunch of movies saved on my DVR and I’ve been craving brownies for a week now, so I anticipate some vegging out will also be in my future.

What’s your home alone style? Do you get lonely? Do you tear it up Risky Business style? Do you seize the opportunity relax and watch chick flicks? Do you invite friends over for a grown-up slumber party? Other? Suggestions?

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  1. I usually have a million things I want to do, and then end up doing maybe 1 (if I'm lucky) and relaxing (aka vegging) the rest of the time. Enjoy the time.


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