Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plans Change.

Yesterday I was supposed to have a job interview, my first since May or June. (I can’t remember. It’s been a long time.) I was nervous and didn’t sleep well Thursday night. I was awoken yesterday morning by a phone call from the interviewer calling to cancel. He was too busy that afternoon to meet with me. I was both disappointed and relieved. The stress was temporarily relieved, but we’ve rescheduled for Tuesday.

It’s hard for me to think of anything I want more now than to work outside of my home. Though this interview isn’t for my dream job, it’s a good job nonetheless. It’s similar to what I used to do, but I went to graduate school to make a career change and this is not a career change. Having said that, I desperately want to get this. I KNOW I would be good at this job. (It’s a slight step down from my last job, so it’s work I have a lot of experience with.)

I also know my chances are slim. Seventy-five people applied for the position. (That tells you how competitive the job market is.) They are interviewing six or seven people. That means that even though I was in the top 90% of applicants, I still have only about a 15% chance of getting this. I’m guessing they’re attracted to my experience and contacts, but I think my crappy Chinese language abilities are a major weakness. I guess it just boils down to which qualities and skills are most important to them.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

In happier plan changing news, Chuk got us free tickets to a Robin Williams stand-up show last night that was being filmed for HBO. Through work, Chuk is affiliated with a concert hall, so we often get $5 tickets to concerts and other performances and get to sit in the fourth or eighth row.

He had signed up for this show, but didn’t get the tickets. Then a security guard he is friendly with offered him free tickets that afternoon. The seats weren’t as good as usual, but we saved ten bucks. It was our date night and we had planned to take a long walk and share a coffee in a local coffee shop, but this worked out much better.

If you get HBO, look for Robin William’s special “Weapons of Self Destruction” in the coming months. You’ll see me in the audience. (Sorry for the bad picture. I only had my phone with me.)


  1. Better than crossing fingers.... I have said a little prayer for you that God will make his plans clear to you and lead you to the right job!

  2. Oh my- good luck on the interview dear.

    I loved robin williams as a kid- he had the best movies. I'll bet his stand up is a bit more crude than Mrs. Doubtfire. = )


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