Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amazing Date Night: Ben's and Blind Pilot

We try to have date night every week and last night was the night. We went to Ben’s Chili Bowl, which is a D.C. institution. It is frequented by Bill Cosby and the Obamas, amongst many others. Personally, it’s not the best chili I’ve ever had even though it’s still good, but I go for the atmosphere rather than the food. It was Chuk’s first time there, which is shocking considering he’s lived in DC for 30% of his life at this point.

After dinner, we went to the Blind Pilot concert, which was, in a word, amazing. We go to lots of concerts, perhaps a dozen a year, and this was one of the all-time best concerts either of us had ever been to. The band just seemed so nice. Like you could invite them over for beers and a game of Taboo and you’d be best friends. Do I sound psycho?

What I’m trying to say is the performance was outstanding, but on top of that, you could really tell they were having a good time and were happy to be there. It created a wonderful vibe in the whole room. Everyone was just totally into it.

But beyond the good food and the fantastic show, the company was outstanding. I’m pretty lucky to have a guy who still likes hanging out with me after so many years. I love date night.

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  1. Yum! Glad you had a good date night. Have you seen anyone famous there?


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