Monday, October 5, 2009

Are You Freaking Kidding Me: Halloween Costumes

Is it just me or could nearly all women's Halloween costumes be described as "Slutty ______"? Seriously, it's all just different versions of the same prostitute costume. I thought Halloween was supposed to be scary, not objectifying.

They don't pull that crap with men's costumes. They sell men's doctor costumes, but only "sexy nurse" for women. Men can get a fire fighter's costume, but sorry ladies, you'll have to be "Hot Stuff". I thought this was the 21st century. Can't women be doctors and fire fighters too? (I know, theoretically I could wear a man's costume, but I'm 5'4", so it's unlikely any would fit.)

Let's compare two costumes in the same theme: prisoners. They are similar down to their little hats, except that the man is covered up in loose clothing while the woman is in a low-cut, skin-tight mini-dress. AND they are charging women $15 more for half (or a third) as much clothing. These are from the same catalog.

It's time for us to vote with our dollars, ladies. Just say "no" to overpriced, skanky costumes. Even if you can't sew (I can't either!) you can throw a sheet over yourself and say you're a ghost. It'll be retro cool.


  1. I think this is why I don't like Halloween. Seeing everyone strip down and wear almost nothing is just silly.

  2. I completely agree. Thanks for stopping by my WFMW post. Hope you'll find my paper towel dish soap idea handy. I've used it a ton.

  3. There is one thing worse--opening up a catalog of children's costumes and seeing the SAME THING! It was just as bad for the teenage costumes, and almost as bad for the LITLLE GIRLS costumes! I was so disgusted!

    Plus, it's COLD on Halloween! Little girls should be able to be warm in their costumes, too!

  4. Aargh, I know what you mean! A few years ago, I wanted to be a pirate but was having trouble finding the right kind of ruffle-fronted blouse, so I asked in a costume shop. The clerk said, "The only women's pirate costume we have is this one," showing me a packet about the size of a videotape. The costume consisted of a mesh string bikini with skull appliques, and an eyepatch! Now, did you ever see a pirate wearing a mesh bikini??? (I found the right blouse at a Renaissance Fair.)


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