Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Clothes

“One’s clothes shouldn’t draw attention or remark; it should be your wit, charm, intelligence and, for those lucky enough, natural beauty. That’s true style.” –Louise J. Esterhazy

I’ve gained weight in the last couple of years and that means I’m having to break down and buy some clothes for the cooler weather. Otherwise, I’m going to be indecent. I’m trying to keep the above quote in mind as I shop.

One thing is for sure, changing sizes is not frugal. I’m trying not to let myself feel too bad because I can’t think of a single article of clothing I have bought since last November when I purchased my wedding dress. Still, I’m hoping I have the self-control to lose some weight so I can fit back into the closet full of clothes I already own. Because quality is important to me, buying even a few items is expensive.

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