Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're Back! What to do?

We got back home at about four o'clock this morning after a really nice trip. (Pictures are coming soon.) We fell into bed exhausted and woke up ravenous. Unfortunately, the fridge was empty: no milk, no eggs, no fruit, and only frozen bread. What to do?

I made us a quesadilla to share and some chicken nuggets that were in the freezer. Chuk ate while watching his beloved Steelers play football, all the while feeling like he was in a sports bar on account of the crappy snacks I was feeding him. He's satisfied, but I'm longing for some fresh fruits and vegetables; I don't think I can handle getting back in the car yet though. What to do?

I might hit up some canned pineapples or peaches. I know we've got carrots, but our hummus has got to be at least three weeks old, probably four. Is it worth the risk? Hmmm. I'm off to do some smell testing.

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